Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Winnipeg ME/CFS Support Group

As the months go by since the release of "Mom Needs To Lie Down: The years and lives slept away by ME/CFS" I've realized that many Winnipeggers with ME/CFS have virtually no resources to help them find a local support group. I've been contacted multiple times through this blog by people who are suffering from ME/CFS in Winnipeg and who feel alone.

Luckily, this blog allows me to help direct them toward the support group that is featured in the "Mom Needs To Lie Down" video. As Dr. Stein said in the video, support groups can be very helpful for people with ME/CFS so they don't feel as alone, scared, or unsure. Many people with this illness have had to seek out their own diagnosis and support groups are a great way to share that information. If you are in the Winnipeg area and need support please contact me through my email:

I will connect you with the support group so you can be connected with the local ME/CFS community. The support group meetings are very flexible and relaxed and many of the women in the group correspond via email in between meetings. In the upcoming months I will be working on a new PSA type of video that will be played in medical clinics in Alberta. It will produced using footage from the "Mom Needs To Lie Down" video.

In the meantime, I plan to convert this blog into a landing page for Winnipeggers and Manitobans suffering from ME/CFS. If anyone would be interested in contributing their story to this blog, please contact me. Don't worry about format or if you are a good writer, I can help edit! The posts on this blog have already helped many local people with ME/CFS and more stories will help others who are just beginning their journey with ME/CFS.
Winnipeg ME/CFS support group meeting at McNally Robinson

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